How to Build a Robot / Tuesday's Child for Channel 4

David Tennant narrates my latest documentary giving a fascinating insight into a future of robotics we’ve never seen before.

We humans have a cultural fear of robots, but Bristol-based robot inventor David McGoran is on a mission to fix this, by making a new kind of machine that moves like we do. A loveable robot that even people on the street will open up to.

Adopting the same techniques as Disney and Pixar, David designs a robot using the power of movement, to trick us into believing it has life.

Over the course of the film, David and his team attempt to create a machine that anyone would believe and trust and even let into their lives. But the real test comes when David abandons his new robot on the streets of Bristol. Programmed with a simple quest – to find out more about humans – his robot films its own extraordinary adventure, as it tries to connect with humans in a whole new way.

Can David’s little robot convince people it’s real, and will they be brave enough to open up and tell it something about themselves?

Horizon: My Amazing Twin / BBC Studios for BBC Two

Shortlisted for The Grierson Awards 2017

Self-shot single documentary following Adam Pearson and his identical twin brother as they investigate the genetic disease which is threatening to destroy their lives in very different ways.

Watch the official trailer, see my interview with Adam on BBC News and check out Adam on BBC Breakfast publicising the documentary.

A Love Worth Giving / Kickstarter funded Short Documentary

A gently powerful short film that uses a single human story to highlight the global shortage of organ donors. The film follows newly-married Luke whose young wife is on the waiting-list for a double lung transplant, and the aftermath when they cannot find a donor in time.

See the full film

Janapar: Love On A Bike / Independent Feature-Length Documentary

Award-winning feature doc following one man’s life-changing journey around the world, and the love story that unfolds when he stumbles upon an Iranian-Armenian girl along the way. Made from more than 300 hours of footage filmed in 32 countries.

See the full film

Survivors: Caught in the Crossfire / BBC Studios for BBC One

Blending obs-doc with dramatic reconstructions, the film follows survivors of violent crimes as they share their journeys of recovery. Featuring a young soldier who was ambushed by the Real IRA while unarmed in his own barracks.

The Autistic Gardener / Betty TV for Channel 4

Filmed, Produced and Directed a new 4-part format following the inspiring efforts of autistic garden-designer Alan Gardener, as he trains a team of vulnerable young adults on the autistic spectrum to help reinvent British back gardens.

Facing the World / Commissioned Charity Film

Appeal film to help raise 1 million pounds for Facing The World, charity providing life-changing craniofacial surgery to some of the world’s most disadvantaged and vulnerable children.