I’m James, a documentary director and I like to make films about amazing people with extraordinary stories. 

Neil and Adam Pearson

I shoot all my own films and try to explore each new world I venture into with an open mind, following people through their own experiences of life. I find filmmaking is a dialogue, you have to journey with characters if you want to capture their story honestly.

My latest documentary How To Build A Robot follows a robot inventor and his creative team of artists, designers and engineers. They build a new kind of robot based on the same principles of movement that Pixar and Disney use, and essentially try to find out what it means to be human, by looking at what makes us behave and move the way we do.

James and Robot

Currently I’m making a 90 minute film about heart transplant for BBC Two.

If you want to see my earlier work, Janapar: Love On A Bike is an epic tale of love and adventure, filmed across 32 countries.


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