I’m James, a documentary Producer Director. I work as a freelancer but I also make films independently – like the award winning feature doc Janapar: Love On A Bike. I shoot a lot of my own films which tend to be character-driven and observational. I like to tell stories about extraordinary people that we can all relate to.

In 2003, with a borrowed camera and without filmmaking experience, I travelled to the Amazon to make my first film. I’d heard about an American nun whose humanitarian campaigning work had provoked death threats, and following my nose, I tracked her down and began to document her work.

Dorothy Stang fought illegal loggers who threatened peasant farmers that lived in the forest, but after 35 years her own life was increasingly in danger. A short while after I filmed with her, Dorothy was tragically murdered. I was subsequently approached by Oscar-winning director Daniel Junge, and my footage became the centrepiece to his Emmy nominated HBO documentary about her life.

My encounter with Dorothy and the experience of recording her story ignited a passion in me, to make films about extraordinary people and to give the courageous and vulnerable a voice.


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